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Cable Technology Feature Article

April 08, 2013

Zixi Streams UFC Videos

By Robbie Pleasant, TMCnet Contributor

When people watch the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), they expect excellent mixed martial arts with equally excellent video quality. As such, it’s important that the UFC’s video streaming is just as strong as every punch thrown in the ring, and for that, it chose Zixi.

With the growing popularity of UFC, there are more fans expecting streaming on any device at any time. In order to meet this demand, the UFC currently has more than 200 distribution partners, helping make its programming available to as many locations as possible. People look for more than just the fights – it has to stream live content such as weigh-ins, live Q&A sessions, and other such events, all of which receive massive audiences.

UFC first used Zixi in 2012, streaming a press conference from the Zixi Feeder. The stream was sent to the Zixi Broadcaster, running as a cloud service, which was then sent to the Zixi Receiver for fans to view. It was impressed with not only the audio quality but the way the video managed to come through in such high definition with such little setup.

Zixi offers an entire suite of products made for studio-quality video online. It takes streams from devices, which it then sends them through the Internet in a format made for IP networks to handle easily. The Zixi Broadcaster is a unified video streaming hub, made for professional distribution, that runs either in its cloud services or a customer studio or data center.

"UFC's vision of using the Internet to stream everything shows the way forward for sports video production today," says Zixi’s vice president of strategic accounts, Eric Bolten. "With Zixi, UFC has the flexibility to deliver the content that grows its business and satisfies its fans."

When the Ultimate Fighting Championship streams its matches, no matter which of the fighters gets knocked out, the video stream will stay as strong as ever. This is thanks to Zixi, so fans of the UFC can rest assured that no matter what they try to view the fights and extra features from, they’ll always have a connection and video quality worthy of champions.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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