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April 23, 2013

WhereverTV App Signifies Paradigm Shift in Viewing Live Television

By Mini Swamy, TMCnet Contributor

Today, consumers are a liberated lot with smartphones and other mobile devices unshackling them from the confines of cubicle offices, and as technology evolves, we are also seeing a shift in the way people access, manage and view live television content sans cable and satellite providers.

WhereverTV Broadcasting Corporation, a next-generation subscription television service, can take some credit for this shift as it has just released the WhereverTV app for iOS devices. Increasing the ease in delivering over-the-top content to television sets has been the major focus for quite some time, and this has now become a reality with the WhereverTV app.

The app works on any Apple (News - Alert) device running iOS 4.3 or greater and all that is required is a 3G or 4G Internet connection.

As a result, subscribers to GreekTV, ArabicTV and 2M Maroc now have the freedom to watch live programming portably on Apple devices, and can also deliver content to TV sets through AirPlay (News - Alert) and AppleTV.  AirPlay lets users wirelessly stream what’s on the iOS device to the big screen.

The WhereverTV App also features a channel guide that allows users to simultaneously browse and change channels while watching television.

"Streaming channels from WhereverTV's App to TV sets via AirPlay allows subscribers to watch live content on their big screen while browsing and navigating from their handheld devices," said Mark Cavicchia, CEO for TVTV.

Cavicchia also revealed that Apple's App Store has over 500 million active accounts and had a record-breaking 2012 with nearly 20 billion downloads during that year. These subscribers were expected to benefit from the additional outlet to access content.

Apple has been forecasting sales of 102 million iPads and 194 million iPhones in 2013, and that appears to be good news for WhereverTV, which expects its subscription services to appeal to an expanded customer base.

And, that’s not all; WhereverTV Broadcasting Corp. is already working on future enhancements to its iOS app. It aims to include DVR scheduling and playback capabilities, as well as adding free-to-air Internet television channels from around the world.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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