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April 24, 2013

Conviva Incorporates Preemptive Optimization, Performance Analytics for CBC

By Carolyn J Dawson, TMCnet Contributor

CBC, a national broadcaster in Canada, has strategically collaborated with Conviva to incorporate Conviva’s anticipatory optimization and per-viewer performance analytics. Apart from enhancing the quality of the picture, the latest capability averts degradations prior to any interruption experienced by viewers, thereby augmenting the Quality of Experience (QoE) for all viewers.

An increasing number of customers are demanding a seamless and dependable TV experience on any device. Conversely, there is also a rise in the number of technical difficulties faced when offering TV over IP devices.

The new analytics will offer CBC a comprehensive view of what individual viewers are seeing, and the manner in which content is performing for them. They will also perform actions to enhance the delivery of all the streams to prevent quality degradations and outages. The analytics will be incorporated inside CBC’s control room, facilitating user experience tracking at any time of day and night.

Conviva will offer its premier preemptive adjustment solution, Precision Video, to CBC as part of the collaboration. Conviva will also deliver Insights, an analytics solution providing instantaneous visibility to CBC.

In a statement, Rob Fullerton, platform product manager at CBC, said, “Providing a quality experience online, one that properly reflects the premium content and brand of CBC, is imperative for our success. Real-time visibility and providing exceptional video quality without buffering and stuttering is important to our brand and our viewers, and Conviva provides a solution for these challenges.”

The instantaneous, per-viewer intelligence is used by Precision Video to generate sophisticated algorithms. These algorithms can anticipate the manner in which a viewer’s local environment and the Internet will be influencing the viewer’s picture quality and viewing experience.

 “We are delighted to expand our global presence and support one of Canada’s largest providers who is delivering the quality experience viewers expect and deserve in a TV Everywhere society,” said Darren Feher, CEO of Conviva. “The only way to protect viewers from the volatility of an IPTV (News - Alert) offering is a preemptive solution, everything else is too late, as viewers have already been impacted by poor quality.”

Edited by Alisen Downey

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