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May 28, 2013

Opera Mediaworks Targets the Television with AdMarvel for Connected TVs

By Rory J. Thompson, Web Editor

Opera Mediaworks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Opera Software and a conglomerate of several companies, recently announced a next-generation ad platform for connected TVs. The platform, called AdMarvel for Connected TVs, is billed as "a forward step in the evolution of online video advertising" in the connected TV space.

In total, AdMarvel for Connected TVs offers publishers and advertisers a dynamic ad serving platform, sophisticated ad exchange and ad management functionality for connected TVs. Additionally, the platform can help publishers and developers find buyers for their inventory, while enabling agencies and brands to connect with audiences on a relatively unexplored area of TV.

The ads presented consumers through AdMarvel for Connected TVs are presented in various formats, including pre-roll, and are targeted for greater relevancy.

“As connected TV households worldwide reach critical mass in the coming couple of years, the TV screen will become the next frontier in delivering relevant advertising to consumers,” said Mahi de Silva, CEO of Opera Mediaworks. “Opera Mediaworks provides the necessary technology and expertise to publishers and advertisers in meeting their goals on mobile, tablet and, now, connected TV.”

Opera Mediaworks is an established mobile ad platform that is now expanding to the connected TV platform. It currently serves more than 13,000 mobile sites and applications and manages over 60 billion ad impressions per month, enabling more than $400 million of publisher revenue in 2012.

AdMarvel is Opera Mediaworks' ad-serving and mediation platform that boasts an extensive list of technology and demand partners via its certification program for mobile and tablet platforms. Now, AdMarvel will extend this certification into connected TVs.

In fact, there are already a handful of partners on board for the AdMarvel for Connected TV platform, including video ad networks such as Brightroll, TubeMogul (News - Alert), Videology, iVdopia and SpotXchange, as well as Opera Mediaworks' Mobile Theory premium ad network.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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