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June 03, 2013

Adara Makes Friends and Spreads HD Video

By Peter B. Counter, TMCnet Contributing Writer

Know what the thing is about HD video cloud service? It’s becoming essential, and regardless of who provides you with Internet service, soon you are going to have some handy dandy widgets that help you make the best out of your high speed connection entertainmentwise. To that effect, Adara Technologies, a provider of video services through the cloud from its data center in downtown Toronto, has just grabbed a hold of two new partnerships in the USA.

Darien Communications and Beaver Creek Telephone can now clear capacity to add hundreds of incremental HD channels now that Adara is powering the cloud services. Combined with a Web-connected set-top box, operators now have a slew of new options available. They have DVR options, video on demand, and multi-screen IPTV (News - Alert) capabilities, all of which complement the preferred way that Americans are watching TV now: with an up-to-date, personalized service supplemented with Web-based streaming options like Netflix or Amazon.

“We expect significantly reduced costs and risk as a result of the Adara launch and are particularly excited about delivering new customer services and experiences,” said Darien Communications COO, Johnny Zoucks. Adara specialized in aiding small-to-medium-sized service providers with exactly that, so the estimated 3,000 subscribers Darien boasts in Georgia don’t have to worry about being stuck behind the entertainment technology curve.

Adara’s main focus with the two companies is going to be reducing operational cost and risk. Admitting that the market demand simply will not allow for year-long implementation of the sort of services that Beaver Creek Telephone and Darien Communications are going to soon offer their subscribers, the CEO of Adara says that by leveraging the already deployed Adara platform, the new partners are going to be up to competition in weeks or months.

Thank goodness, too. With all of the new exclusive and competitive programming that will be hitting TV as early as this summer, the video services that Adara Technologies will provide these new areas will be necessary for customers not wanting to miss a beat.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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