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June 03, 2013

New Vonage Ad Makes a 'Crazy Generous' Offer

By Joe Rizzo, TMCnet Contributing Writer

We have all seen the Vonage (News - Alert) ads on TV where people complain that their wireline phone service costs too much. Using Vonage they can speak to their relatives all over the world, pretty much all day long. Well, now there is a new ad!

The main character has been described as someone who could have been an extra in the old GEICO caveman commercials. I have to say that he looks more like someone who is probably out of work and on the verge of being homeless. Between his shirt, tie and jacket he is wearing a hoodie.

The character walks up and down the sidewalk saying things about the phone companies keeping people living in the Stone Age with their barbaric pricing. He comments that what everyone needs is a company that connects people with generosity.

Buying a cup of coffee just happens to be an executive from Vonage. The “man on the street” just happens to look at the executive and make comments to him. This naturally leads to the man getting hired to work for Vonage.

Vonage now has a new management position called the chief generosity officer. According to Vonage’s chief marketing officer, Barbara Goodstein, “The chief generosity officer brings the Vonage brand to life, literally, and reinforces our ambition of bringing great value to consumers in a way that is fun and engaging. Our CGO invites consumers to use Vonage to connect more frequently, across their devices, without the constraint of high calling costs.”

Since 2009 Vonage’s slogan has been “Sounds good” but with this new campaign comes a new slogan. From now on you will hear “Crazy generous.” Vonage was one of the first companies to offer a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) option.

Since then Vonage has faced some competition from services such as Skype (News - Alert) and Google Voice. There are a few other VoIP options out there, but they are more expensive. It will be interesting to see just how generous Vonage will be.

Edited by Alice Koganova

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