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Cable Technology Feature Article

June 10, 2013

Amdocs, SeaChange Partner to Provide Multi-screen TV Improvements

By Robbie Pleasant, TMCnet Contributor

There’s a new partnership that’s making waves, as SeaChange International (News - Alert) has teamed up with Amdocs to create a holistic solution for multi-screen TV operations. Together, they can cover the deployment, management and monetization of video streaming capabilities, including personalized video-on-demand and advertising, to TVs, computers and mobile devices.

With this partnership, service providers will be able to use Amdocs’ (News - Alert) systems integration and testing services’ best practices in order to better deploy SeaChange software. This will help them provide next generation video services to their customers, while expanding their deployment from the Amdocs CES (News - Alert) product portfolio.

With SeaChange’s software, service providers can use open software to create multi-screen, video-on-demand and advertising revenue streams. Service providers can personalize the content they stream to any subscribers’ devices, from television sets to tablets. Now with Amdocs, they can help provide even more value, and better compete within the market.

This partnership is a new part of the Amdocs Enreach program, which is designed to provide more value to Amdocs’ customers. It helps simplify the customer experience and keep ahead of the curve with new services, and judging by the way SeaChange is taking to the partnership, it’s doing a fine job at it.

"Having deployed next generation pay TV capabilities, service providers still need to integrate them into a BSS (Business Support Systems) and OSS (Operational Support Systems) environment that offers convergent support for multi-play operations if they are to stand out from the competition in terms of their ability to bundle and personalize services and plan and monetize resources," said Rebecca Prudhomme (News - Alert), Amdocs’ VP of product and solutions marketing. "Amdocs' partnership with SeaChange introduces a solution that allows service providers to achieve this, cost-efficiently.”

TV has become more than just a television set. With the ability to stream and access video-on-demand from a multitude of devices, service providers have to keep up with the whims and will of their customers. SeaChange has helped allow providers to do just that, and now with Amdocs, it’ll be faster, easier, and more cost-efficient, providing customers with the services and shows they demand while still making a nice profit.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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