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June 11, 2013

Zenverge Developing Transcoding Plugin for Multiscreen Video Streaming

By Madhubanti Rudra, TMCnet Contributor

Zenverge, a semiconductor company committed to accelerating consumer access to next-generation digital content and services, has revealed that it is all set to give the industry its first RDK transcoder plugin that would dramatically improve video streaming. The company recently unveiled its plans for the transcoding plugin for the Comcast (News - Alert) RDK for cable IP set-top boxes, home media gateways and other IP-enabled devices.

The RDK from Comcast is a pre-integrated software bundle that creates a common framework for powering true two-way IP or hybrid set-top boxes and gateway devices. Zenverge is using the ZN200, an  advanced quad stream content networking system-on-chip (SoC), as the premise for its multi-channel transcoder architecture for the RDK.  Transcoding up to four HD streams simultaneously with the least amount of DDR memory, the RDK will enable efficient streaming of broadcast content to IP devices such as game consoles, smart TVs, smartphones and tablets.

With home gateways becoming increasingly popular, the ability to transcode video into IP for mobile distribution around the home has become an increasingly important feature. State-of-the-art transcoding provided by the ZN200 will enable you to enjoy features such as streaming live HD video to four tablets or smartphones over Wi-Fi and downloading DVR content to tablets or smartphones at up to four times faster than real-time.

“We are excited to support the unique, flexible nature of the RDK as it simplifies the effort needed to add transcoding to next generation gateways and set-top boxes. We look forward to bringing new innovations in multiscreen streaming in support of the RDK community,” Zenverge CTO, Tony Masterson, explained in a statement.

“Our customers are tier-one operators and set-top box manufacturers who are aggressively moving to a much more cost-effective and feature rich gateway model.We have been selected by some of the largest suppliers to North American cable operators because of the quality, performance, maturity and system cost savings of our content networking ICs,” added President and CEO of Zenverge, Amir Mobini.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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