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Cable Technology Feature Article

June 11, 2013

Alternate Content Delivery System with Dynamic Ad Insertion Feature

By Shamila Janakiraman, TMCnet Contributor

This Technology has upgraded its alternate content delivery system (ACDS), which is now capable of managing blackout events to dynamically insert ads within that alternate content.

The company has successfully completed deploying its Direct Ad Insertion or DAI and ACDS products for major MVPDs and programming networks recently. The new functionality added to the ACDS gives MVPDs and programming networks a complete, scalable solution that supports blackout requirements and also manages end to end alternate content delivery during blackout events.

Content blackouts have been designed to direct subscribers in some media markets or geographic locations to another alternative content stream. The availability of the ACDS technology has helped MVPDs and programming networks to deal with blackouts and effectively deliver alternative content streams in IP linear environments.

Dave Fellows, former Comcast (News - Alert) CTO and This Technology technical advisory board chair said, “MVPDs need to be able to duplicate functionality across their QAM and IP networks and providing alternate content delivery is a key part of that. This Technology was an early mover in this market and has grown its innovative solutions to a place where they can scale to meet any deployment scenario.”

ACDS has evolved as the new functionality also includes the ability to insert advertisements dynamically into these streams in full-scale deployments. It delivers real-time alternate content decisions and enables MVPDs to support geographic and other area determination policies. They can also enforce alternate content event schedules via a provisioning interface. Now the ACDS can integrate with This Technology’s DAI platforms for inserting advertisements dynamically into ACDS streams.

Edited by Ashley Caputo

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