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June 12, 2013

AT&T Announces 24-Month Upgrade Policy for Wireless Products, Services

By Ed Silverstein, TMCnet Contributor

When customers walk into their AT&T (News - Alert) or Verizon store one of the most frequent questions is:  “When am I eligible for an upgrade?”

Now, AT&T, like Verizon, is making that upgrade cycle two years – among other options – on its many wireless devices or services.

This week, AT&T announced  a 24-month upgrade “across all of AT&T’s wireless products and services.on its consumer blog. This aligns device upgrade eligibility with our standard two-year wireless agreement and it applies to any customer whose agreement expires in March 2014 or later.”

Some of the options consumers have with AT&T include the option to buy a subsidized device with a new two-year wireless agreement.  The device can be upgraded at a subsidized price after 24 months. Another interesting option is to share an upgrade with another person on the account. It applies only if it is the same kind of device (such as either both phones, or, both tablets). Another option is to select an early upgrade.  That will give a partial discount after six months or more. Or, by trading in a current smartphone, which three-year-old or newer and in good-working condition,  customers may get $100 or more off of the purchase of a new smartphone. There are other options, too, where customers can buy phones at regular prices.

AT&T’s new upgrade policy is now similar to what Verizon (News - Alert) offers to its subscribers, according to news reports. Verizon changed its upgrade cycle from 20 months to 24 months last year.

“The details between Verizon and AT&T are rather similar, however Verizon did offer one bit that may help some users — they also announced a device payment plan which could help those needing to purchase a device at full retail,” according to a report from Android Community.

Edited by Ashley Caputo

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