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Cable Technology Feature Article

June 18, 2013

Archimedia Partners with VideoQ for Test Patterns

By Meenakshi Shankar, TMCnet Contributor

Archimedia Technology, the company which serves the broadcast, digital cinema, and video archival industries through its technology and applications, signed an agreement with VideoQ, a company specializing in video test and measurement solutions.

As per the terms of this agreement, VideoQ and Archimedia will be working together to offer custom test patterns for high-end video applications. VideoQ has designed and developed these applications that use archive formats such as JPEG 2000 and uncompressed YUV/RGB, viewable on standard HDMI and SDI in resolutions up to 12-bit 4K. Archimedia will deliver the test patterns through its proprietary technology.

"Archimedia's reason for being is to provide long-needed tools for the media, entertainment, and archive markets that allow them not only to view their master files efficiently on any screen, regardless of format, but also to test the output objectively on any player," Mark Gray, chief executive officer at Archimedia said in a statement.  

"This partnership with VideoQ makes our toolset the perfect delivery system for master video clips and test signals. The advanced test patterns VideoQ has created for us assure that what exists in the master is what appears on the screen, a big leap forward for the industry," Gray added.

Archimedia's applications and tools fulfill a critical piece of production and archival workflows. Its solutions encapsulate complex file interchange and quality control processes for mastering and archive formats, giving end users a new level of access to their assets without any loss of quality.

"VideoQ makes video test patterns with absolute mathematical precision, so Archimedia's expertise with MXF, JPEG 2000, and other high-end audio-video formats is the perfect complement to our business," said Victor Steinberg, president and chief technology officer of VideoQ.

Archimedia Technology recently appointed Andrea Smith as vice president of global sales.

Edited by Frances Litvak

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