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Cable Technology Feature Article

June 18, 2013

Rovi Provides Digital Entertainment Innovation to Cable Providers

By Rich Steeves, TMCnet Managing Editor

Consumers are getting smarter, and so is technology. This is especially true in the cable space, as companies attempt to reinvent themselves using interactive guides, smart TVs, and mobile and consumer applications. One company at the leading edge of this trend is Rovi, which recently showed off its new innovations at The Cable Show in Washington, DC.

Rovi is a global company based out of Santa Clara, California that boasts more than 1700 employees. It focuses on several areas, including discovery, deliver, displays, analytics and advertising. The company sports and end-to-end view, providing innovation in the digital entertainment space.

Entertainment metadata is one area where Rovi thrives. It seeks to use metadata to provide consistent and rich experiences. By standardizing metadata, the Rovi solutions can bring in more pertinent information, like celebrity bios, relevant images, and even social media feeds.

On the content production side, Rovi’s SDK allows for HEVC video across multiple devices. The company guarantees end-to-end playback and advanced streaming capabilities. It provides content that starts quickly and is easy to rewind and fast forward.

On the advertising side, Rovi’s ad network transcends the service provider market, and allows companies to better monetize smart TVs.

At the show, Rovi was touting its Rovi Entertainment Unbound solution that allows for TV Everywhere without any limitations. Among the features that stood out to me were predictive recording in the cloud and personalization capabilities for different family members.

Rovi has made several recent announcements, including a partnership with Broadcom designed to further HEVC playback, and a partnership with SeaChange on a new set-top box.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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