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Cable Technology Feature Article

July 09, 2013

TerraEchos Unveils Maiden Commercial Technology, TrueStream CVEM

By Carolyn J Dawson, TMCnet Contributor

TerraEchos has unveiled its maiden commercial technology, TrueStream Collaborative Video Exploitation and Manipulation. The latest technology will be made available for closed beta in August 2013. The world of social media and streaming video is brought together into a single channel by TrueStream CVEM. Users are therefore offered an exclusive opportunity to view their videos, socialize with friends and interrelate with the videos, all inside a single frame.

The manner in which users network and intermingle with each other will be altered with TrueStream CVEM. The latest technology will also change the manner in which content is streamed by users. Apart from eliminating the requirement for external applications, CVEM delivers three major advantages: permitting endless user groups to watch and chat inside the stream, allowing users to generate metadata at any point in their experience, and delivering a straightforward and flawless user experience.

In a statement, Dan James, CEO of TerraEchos said, "After years of working in government solutions with sensor data, TerraEchos kept finding fundamental problems in the way we see and interact with streaming video, which corresponds to all video and social media platforms. With TrueStream CVEM, we don't intend on being just another technology, but an evolution in communication. The need for added applications, another open window or even a second device becomes insignificant. "

Users can access an invitation request for the closed beta on the website of TerraEchos. When the closed beta will be made available in August 2013, registered users will be included in a testing pool. These users will have access to the complete suite of CVEM tools. They will also be able to communicate with other users. A technology survey has been recently developed by the organization to better understand the requirements, requests and ideas customers may have related to TrueStream CVEM.

TerraEchos is a next-generation big-data solutions organization. Huge quantities of intricate streaming data is worked upon, exploited and mined in real-time by TerraEchos, delivering instantaneous insights, decision and action. TerraEchos' technologies incessantly implement intricate solutions on streaming big data, and deliver meaningful insight and interaction, all while the data is moving.  TerraEchos, launched in January 2012, is based in Missoula, Montana.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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