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July 23, 2013

M-GO Looks to Optimize Digital Video Experience with Conviva

By Tara Seals, TMCnet Contributor

The M-GO mobile video service has tapped Conviva for preemptive video optimization. Conviva’s real-time, per-viewer video quality metrics and optimization tools are geared to eliminate or minimize buffering, failed startups, stalling or choppiness during playback.

M-GO’s pay-as-you-go streaming service allows people to rent or buy content for connected TVs, iPads, tablets, Blu-ray players, streaming players, Macs, PCs and soon game consoles and smartphones. Its library consists of “thousands of new releases, classic movies and commercial-free TV shows on M-GO—in both standard and high definition,” the company noted.

Conviva claims that viewers with a buffer-free experience, short startup time and higher definition watch 250 percent more content. And, the company found in a recent study that just a 1-percent increase in the time a stream spends buffering results in an eight-minute loss of viewing time per viewing session.

“Because our focus is, and will always be, centered on the consumer, providing high-quality viewing experiences is a top priority for us,” said Christophe Louvoin, CTO of M-GO. “At M-GO we seek out best-in-class technology and are pleased to partner with Conviva to ensure the M-GO service will lead the market in delivering the best entertainment streaming at home and on the go.”

By measuring the quality of video delivered to each viewer, the Conviva Precision can pick up when degradations occur. Using this information, it leverages algorithms to anticipate outages before they occur and take preemptive measures to improve and avoid video interruptions or quality degradation before they affect the viewer.

“We are honored to partner with M-GO to bring a high-quality experience to viewers wanting an entertainment everywhere offering,” said Hui Zhang, CEO of Conviva. “We are confident that our extensive quality metrics data, detailing the experience of each individual viewer, will prove valuable and essential to M-GO’s success.”

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