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Cable Technology Feature Article

August 08, 2013

CommScope Discusses CCAP, EPON, GPON and More

By Rich Steeves, TMCnet Managing Editor

Every tech field is full of insider acronyms, and that is certainly true for the cable industry. I recently sat down with representatives from CommScope, a company that specializes in enabling communications solutions at home, at work and on the go. The CommScope team spoke of the company’s position as a key CCAP vendor, its thoughts on EPON vs. GPON and more.

CommScope offers two CCAP boxes, making it one of the key CCAP vendors. The CommScope team talked about breaking the evolution up into several phases. The downstream phase is good-to-go right now, and the company is getting requests for its boxes from labs already, ensuring that the boxes rate at five nines. CommScope representatives can look companies in the eye and tell them that they can monetize these solutions, whether they are using EPON or GPON, as a standalone unit or part of a CCAP box.

On the topic of EPON and GPON, all of CommScope’s technology is agnostic on that topic, though members of the team have their own preferences. All of the company’s technology is built from the ground up, and the company is flexible enough to make hardware and software changes as needed.

The company is also working in several different areas, including MSOs, and governments (federal and municipal). In fact, it has found a lot of success working with rural electric co-ops, with a  blend of technology that reaches customers in sparsely populated areas (say, five to eight subscribers per mile), which is a grossly underserved market.

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