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August 29, 2013

Flipper Big Button Remote Launches in Europe

By Oliver VanDervoort, Contributing Writer

While Universal remotes aren’t quite as big a market as they were when they first began circulating, there are still plenty of people who are looking to be able to control more than one device with just one remote. Logitech has been the king of the hill in this market for the most part, but the Flipper Remote has a sector of the market all its own, and the Big Button Universal Remote has just recently launched in the United Kingdom and the European Union.

The Flipper Big Button remote is specifically made so that seniors are able to use the universal remote, and the company has now announced that it is available to work with EU cable boxes. The remote has been marketed to senior citizens that are suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s diseases because they allow those people to operate more than one device with buttons that are easy to spot and are easy to operate.

Dan Pitkow, founder of Flipper Remote, talked about why his company has decided to release its product into the UK and the EU in a recent release, saying, “Customers in the U.S. market have received the Flipper Remote with a great deal of enthusiasm, and now we’re very excited to launch this innovative product in the U.K. and all across Europe. This expansion makes our easy-to-use and highly effective remote control available to more seniors who need it.”

Among the features offered by the Flipper remote is a “favorite channel” option that allows users to easily access as many as 25 different channels. This means that users won’t have to cycle through the ever growing number of channels that they have no interest in ever seeing in order to get to their favorite lineups. At the moment, European customers can get the Flipper big button remote exclusively on Amazon UK.

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