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September 25, 2013

TVtalk Podcast Network Unveiled

By Oliver VanDervoort, Contributing Writer

Most people may not understand it, but the fact of the matter is that podcasting can actually be big business. Companies are gradually coming around to the fact that radio and television are being replaced by programs that are cheap to make and can be produced by anyone who brings a new idea to the Web. Because the format is becoming more popular, certain firms are looking to take advantage of podcasts. TV Talk Network is one such company and the firm recently announced that it has basically launched the world’s largest podcasting network.

Dubbed TVtalk, the network will be featuring post-airing discussions about some of the world’s most watched shows. The podcasts that go on this network are going to be put into easily digestible 20-minute formats. TVtalk boasts a lineup of more than 60 different television show-centric podcasts available each week.

These podcasts have been billed as being expert-hosted shows that will allow fans to get more information about the shows they love. The main goal is to reduce the amount of viewer attrition that occurs throughout the season by keeping the viewer more engaged through these podcasts.

The podcasts on the TVtalk network are put together just a few hours after the episode airs and are usually available by 3 a.m. EST so that commuters are able to listen to the podcasts on their way to work.

“As television shows continue to embrace and use social media to further viewer engagement, the second screen has become an essential part of the television fan experience,” said Stuart Crane, founder and CEO of TVtalk, in a recent release announcing the network. “But given the immediacy of Twitter and Facebook (News - Alert), they almost exclusively drive the discussion during the air time of any given TV show. TVtalk helps to keep fans engaged in between airings.”

The TVtalk app is being offered up on both iOS and Android (News - Alert) platforms. The new podcast content is automatically pushed to the user’s app so that listening to the podcasts becomes a seamless endeavor. The podcasts also have a feature known as “Talkback” that allows the podcast listener to interact with the hosts quickly and easily. Comments will be addressed by hosts, and an audio function known as “question of the week” allows users to verbally interact.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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