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October 01, 2013

Alterna'TV to Introduce INTI Network TV

By Raju Shanbhag, TMCnet Contributor

Alterna'TV has announced that the company will soon be introducing the new Hispanic-focused wellness channel, INTI Network TV, named after the Peruvian Inca's word for sun. This channel will be available this month for cable television providers in America.

INTI Network TV is devoted to the well being of Hispanics. It also provides a web platform along with the traditional TV channel. The programming structure in this channel revolves around the connection of Latinos. Latinos are connected in many ways such as language, lifestyle, the arts, cuisine or cultural traditions.

INTI Network TV tries to provide solutions to problems faced by people in the modern world. It also focuses on other subjects such as health, lifestyle, awareness, the arts, travel, relationships, family and community. The channel is produced by the Schramm Marketing Group.

Alterna-tv prides itself on providing quality content to its viewers. The company recognizes that the television has evolved into a major storytelling device of the modern day world and it seeks to use this medium to provide intelligently designed content to the viewers. Apart from television, the company also focuses on web series in an effort o reach worldwide audience.

“INTI Network TV is the first programming service to address the distinct interests and lifestyles of the Latino community around the world," said Maricela Hernandez, Affiliate Sales Director for Alterna'TV. "Latinos are very much interested in improving themselves and their environment. INTI Network TV reflects that with original programming on holistic lifestyles, yoga, self-development, spiritual awakening, the arts and Latino culture specifically targeted to today's 25 to 54 year old Latinos.”

The company has also been providing enough sports and entertainment content for its viewers. In 2012, it acquired exclusive broadcasting rights for Womens' Basketball's Torneo Las Americas U18 (Championship FIBA Americas 2012) in Puerto Rico.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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