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October 03, 2013

WeatherNation's 24/7 Weather News Service Launches in Greensboro, High Point and Winston-Salem

By Madhubanti Rudra, TMCnet Contributor

Thanks to a new partnership between WeatherNation TV and WFMY News 2, the weather buffs in Greensboro, High Point and Winston-Salem markets will now have access to Weathernation’s round the clock weather news services.

With people confronting the furious side of the nature far too frequently, with devastating hurricanes becoming almost annual affairs, talking about weather, it seems, has ceased to a be a British-only trait. The famous British obsession with weather seems to have infected the people across the globe! Weather apps are one of the most downloaded applications, weather channels are one of the highest revenue-generators.

Thus with more and more people tuning in to weather forecasting services, the weather news and information services industry have been experiencing a steady growth through the recent years. Colorado-based two-years old WeatherNation TV is one such company that has immensely benefitted from the people’s desire to understand the weather better. The TV network that ventures to offer a back to basic approach to weather programming has experienced considerable growth over the past two years and growing by the month. The company already has presence in multiple cities including Chicago, Boston, Minneapolis, Seattle and Denver and with its recent partnership with news organization and a CBS subsidiary, WFMY News 2, WeatherNation TV is bringing its unique weather report and forecasting service to the Greensboro, High Point and Winston-Salem markets.

The partnership with WFMY News 2 will enable WeatherNation TV network to broadcast a new weather service called "WFMY News 2 Weather Channel" on digital channel 2.2 and on Time Warner (News - Alert) Cable channel 111 for the above mentioned markets.

In an effort to make weather reporting and forecasting more interesting for the viewers, WeatherNation TV makes ample use of cutting edge graphics and 3D graphical maps as they offer continuous coverage of hyper-local, local, regional and national weather events with cutting-edge graphics.

WeatherNation TV's forecasts are supported by the expertise of team of seasoned meteorologists and the latest technology from VIPIR Systems from Baron Services and HD Fusion.

With the help of a powerful severe weather tracking system, WeatherNation tries to offer viewers a detailed visual assessment of storms and other extreme weather.

"We are excited to add Greensboro, High Point and Winston-Salem to WeatherNation's rapidly growing list of cities having access to our 24/7 weather news service. Consumers across the country are increasingly demanding instant access to TV weather news. They want to see radar images, the weather patterns as well as the forecast before making decisions about their day. WeatherNation and WFMY News 2 have formed a robust weather news service that will meet and exceed their demands,” president of WeatherNation TV Michael Norton, noted in a statement.

In other news WeatherNation TV, Inc., announced its partnership with THV11 (KTHV) to broadcast "THV11 WeatherNation" on the CBS affiliate's digital TV channel 11.2 and on Comcast (News - Alert) Cable channel 233 serving the Little Rock area, on Conway Corp Cable channel 170 serving Conway, and on Wehco Cable channel 247 serving Pine Bluff and Hot Springs.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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