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October 30, 2013

New TV Experience for YouViewing Pleasure

By Kelsey Brown, TMCnet Contributing Writer

Long gone are the days when scheduling around your favorite TV shows is the norm. Thanks to the likes of Hulu (News - Alert), Netflix, and even YouTube, TV fans all over can watch their favorite shows whenever they want, paying no mind to regularly scheduled programming. Britain-based YouView is also getting in on the action. The TV service across the pond will participate in November’s OTTtv World Summit, which will focus its discussion on Cloud TV, content development, and Social TV.

YouView’s Director of Product, Susie Buckridge, will analyze the technology’s role in users’ viewer experience. Her analysis will cover Internet channels and the implementation of an additional screen to act as a companion device. Buckridge’s presentation will also highlight YouView’s ability to mainstream OTTtv in the market.

Though the service may be one of the newer players in the TV industry, YouView already finds itself in usage in 400,000 homes in the United Kingdom. Buckridge elaborated on the exciting success of the service, saying, “It's a golden era for television as high-quality entertainment products and content come to market, meeting consumer demand for ease of discovery, relevant content, and multiple distribution routesgiving them a vibrant TV viewing experience. The continued development of intelligent technology means everyone can access and enjoy more multimedia on more devices than ever; anytime, anywhere."

The OTTtv World Summit will act as a fitting platform for YouView to continue to display its “vibrant TV viewing experience,” as BBC Worldwide Chief Digital Officer Daniel Heaf will take the opportunity to also analyze the technology’s advancement in the industry.

For those interested in the on-goings of the seventh annual OTTtv World Summit, the event will take place at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel Conference Center at the end of November.

Edited by Blaise McNamee

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