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December 23, 2013

Cognitive Joins Advt. Solutions Providers to Form Smart TV Ecosystem for Enhanced TV

By Shamila Janakiraman, TMCnet Contributor

Cognitive Networks a provider of real-time services that power Enhanced TV on Smart TVs, has partnered with BrightLine, DG MediaMind, emuse, Furious Minds, and Visible World. Enhanced TV enables viewers to receive increased engagement and interactions with TV content on their smart TV.

Michael Collette, CEO of Cognitive Networks said, “Advertising solution providers are an important part of the Smart TV ecosystem for Enhanced TV as they enable advertisers to engage with consumers in powerful new ways.”

The company expects to form a smart TV ecosystem for enhanced TV through its partnerships with interactive content creation and distribution platforms, app developers, advertisers, TV manufacturers, and content providers.

This ecosystem will allow programmers, service providers and advertisers to augment engagement, programming ratings and advertising effectiveness in addition to delivering new ad opportunities in the Smart TV ecosystem.

Cognitive Networks provides automatic content recognition (ACR) technology which enhances TV viewing experience for viewers. Also contextually-related content can be displayed on Smart TVs in synchronization with related television programming.

“Enhanced TV advertising has enormous potential to engage, inform, transact, and delight TV viewers with convenience, value and relevance. We fully expect our advertising partners to drive significant innovation into TV advertising,” Collette added.

The emerging ecosystem will feature Cognitive Networks’ ENGAGE API that enables application providers to launch opt-in based applications that is synchronized with live or time-shifted television.

The integrated Smart TV enhances viewing experience and also the addressable service delivery capabilities will help advertisers to customize interactions. This allows content producers and networks to augment engagement, watch-time and viewership.

Recently DG a multiscreen ad management company and Cognitive Networks announced an important integration partnership that benefits marketers looking to serve interactive ads on TV. Using automatic content recognition (ACR), Cognitive Networks identifies ads on TV and then, through DG MediaMind’s technology, automatically displays an on-screen option for consumers to launch an extended, interactive experience directly on screen.

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