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January 06, 2014

LG Brings Its OLED TV Product Line to Vegas for CES 2014

By Jacqueline Lee, Contributing Writer

An Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) TV looks unusual at first glance. It's incredibly slim, even slimmer than plasma, but it has a curved, not a flat panel.

It's also not as gigantic as some of the bigger LCD/LED models, which can be as large as 90 inches. LG's biggest OLED only measures 77 inches.

So why does an OLED TV cost between $9,000 and $15,000? It's incredible picture quality. OLED displays consist of thin films of carbon and hydrogen organic compounds sandwiched between two conductors. When current passes through the compounds, they emit a bright light, providing the basis for the OLED image.

OLED offers a faster refresh rate than other TV technologies, which means that it renders fast action scenes without blurring or other issues. The brightness of OLED also creates stronger image contrast for spectacular detail. It's also an energy-efficient technology that's durable and able to operate throughout a broad temperature change.

LG released the first OLED TV in January 2013, the 55-inch 55EM9700. The set was only 4 millimeters thick and weighed only 7.2 pounds. This year, LG will bring an expanded OLED line to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES (News - Alert)) in Las Vegas. LG's new Ultra HD Curved OLED TVs are available in 55-inch, 66-inch and 77-inch sizes.

The 77-inch model earned a 2014 CES "Best of Innovations" award. Each set utilizes Tru-Ultra HD Engine Pro to upscale SD, HD and Full HD content to near 4K quality. The 3D effects are stunning without any of the ghosting that can happen with other types of TVs.

OLED displays are more expensive to manufacture, but they're already being seen in devices like the Samsung (News - Alert) Galaxy S4 smartphone and the Galaxy Note 3. Because the displays are so thin, they can be used to create flexible and even transparent devices.

Some industry experts predict that OLED images will proliferate in wearable tech, and manufacturers may create OLED displays that can be embedded within transparent windows and vehicle windshields. 

To check out LG's OLED TV offerings, head to the Las Vegas Convention Center's Central Hall. You'll find LG at Booth 8204.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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