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January 06, 2014

Deviceless is the Keyword for Rabbit TV in 2014

By Joe Rizzo, TMCnet Contributing Writer

FreeCast, Inc. is an American digital media distribution company based in Orlando, Florida, founded by Bill Mobley.  It allows peer-to-peer streaming, sometimes called peercasting, and it makes possible an audio or video stream broadcast to a large number of listeners from a simple Internet  connection.

FreeCast brought you Rabbit TV. I’m sure that you have seen the commercials on TV. Rabbit TV is a USB system that organizes a huge amount of high-quality content into a simple, easy-to-use interface. It connects you with the entertainment you want in the fastest way possible.

Rabbit TV is designed to link to over 25,000 full episodes from most popular networks that include ABC, NBC, Fox, History, just to mention a few. Rabbit TV also gives you access to thousands of free movies from around the world, as well as live sports streams and thousands of radio station programs.

The thing is that you need a USB port in order to take advantage of all that Rabbit TV has to offer. Well, not anymore! The company is announcing at CES (News - Alert) 2014 the launch of Rabbit TV Plus. This is the next step and that step is deviceless.

With Rabbit TV Plus, you are getting a true mobile viewing experience. You are no longer tethered to an Internet device with a UBS port. Subscribers can now access the considerable entertainment library on all devices, including computers, tablets and mobile devices.

There is an Android (News - Alert) app that is available right now and an iOS app will be available in a few weeks. If you are a Windows 8 user, you won’t have to worry. Windows 8 does not require an app to use the new Rabbit TV Plus service.

The reason for this change in how content is delivered to your device, according to FreeCast, is to support today’s high demand for second screen viewing. This commonly takes place on a smartphone or tablet. This is something that has seen explosive growth and evolution in the last year alone.

In explaining this move to being deviceless, FreeCast CEO, Bill Mobley said, "It’s no secret that computers are replacing television as consumers’ primary choice for personal media consumption. By removing the USB device, Rabbit TV Plus jumps directly to mobile and tablet devices, while still including PC’s…which is exactly what our users have been asking us to do.”

He is also quoted as saying, “Tablets and smartphones are replacing PCs as the consumers primary choice for personal media and second screen viewing - we needed to eliminate the current USB account key, as these new mobile device's don't have USB ports and we wanted Rabbit TV to effectively service this explosive global market share.”

The new Rabbit TV Plus system will also include a much larger eMedia guide, which FreeCast claims to be the world’s largest freely available content library on the market. In addition, all of these offerings will be accompanied by a new Pay-Per-View section. This will provide subscribers universal access to new release movies rentals, premium TV series and live 24/7 sports channels. This entire package still comes to you with the price tag (News - Alert) of $10 per year.

Mobley goes on to say, “Until now each content network produced their own mobile app, which generally limit their media to clips or trailers. Plus, mobile users need a different app for each network. Rabbit TV Plus can now interpret all full length TV episodes and movies onto tablet and mobile devices.”

There will also be another announcement. FeeCast will be publicizing Rabbit TV Select. This service features a set-top box. It will be comparable to Apple (News - Alert) TV and Roku.

The collaboration between FreeCast and Telebrands, who is the oldest existing direct response marketing company and the original creator of the "As Seen On TV" logo and category of trade, has been good for Rabbit TV.

Additional comments from Bill Mobley are “When the story is told about Rabbit TV, people will see how significant a first move it was by FreeCast to partner with ‘As Seen on TV’ kings Telebrands. By securing the direct-response-commercials and dedicated shelf space at national retailers, we were able to garnish this massive subscriber-base in such a short period of time. Together we’ve launched a major home media service and brand not just a “gimmick,” as some of our critics try to portray us. That’s like saying TV Guide wasn’t relevant for the last 50 years.”

As of now, Rabbit TV has signed up over two million users within a 10 month period.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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