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January 08, 2014

Vidible Ushers In a New Trend in Video Syndication

By Lavanya Rathnam, TMCnet Contributing Writer

Video Syndication is the process by which a single video is distributed across as many channels as possible with an idea to increase viewership. Companies are looking to optimize on this video syndication because they can increase the viewership of their ads and content across physical geographies.

To capitalize on this need for video syndication, many companies are coming up with different products. One such company is Vidible that offers a platform to bring buyers and sellers of videos together. The aim of Vidible is to give buyers and sellers of video content a greater degree of control and transparency. With this software, buyers can search for the right video content they want or they can simply add the Vidible tag (News - Alert) to their website and relevant videos will be displayed automatically. The patented technology of Vidible allows buyers to choose the video they want in real time based on their goals.  As for the sellers, they have better control over where their video is getting posted and who is viewing them. Also, Vidible offers a platform for sellers to increase their viewership as there is a higher possibility for the video to be posted on different sites. Moreover, it will provide a better revenue stream for the creators and sellers of video content because their videos can be bought by relevant buyers. Besides these benefits for buyers and sellers, both the parties have access to all the analytics that come with videos.

Vidible offers a simple WSYIWIG platform to manage audiences. It gives choices for context targeting, video management, audience tracking, response analytics and other customizable goals. Through this software, Vidible is making the best use of the trend of video consumption. Going forward, this demand for videos is expected to increase as advertisers look for greater impressions and consumers look for greater variety.  

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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