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January 16, 2014

Panasonic Partners with Mozilla on Next Gen Smart TVs

By Oliver VanDervoort, Contributing Writer

The web browser might still be the number one market for Mozilla’s (News - Alert) Firefox, but it appears that the company is making a concerted push to expand its market in 2014. This month’s CES in Las Vegas, the company announced that it is partnering with Panasonic (News - Alert) in a move that will bring the Firefox OS to the next generation of smart TVs. The two companies issued a statement about the partnership that the pair hope will give them each a leg up on the competition.

Panasonic believes that by adding the open source browser capabilities, it will be able to outfit its smart TVs with HTML5 standards that could bring better gaming on the television as well as other web technologies. The programming language being fully integrated on its televisions will allow Panasonic to explore a whole new world of smart television programming that other companies still haven’t dreamed about.

Even better for Panasonic is that it will be able to get access to Mozilla created WebAPIs that allow for control and operation of other devices inside and outside the home. This means that the televisions that Panasonic will be putting out will be even better TV sets when it comes to being able to work with other applications in smart homes. Considering that the smart home seems to be where some of the top technology is headed, it only makes sense to position itself right at the front of the line of firms looking to get their foot in the automatic door.

Panasonic and Mozilla feel as though smart TVs in the next generation will be different enough that they’ll be plenty popular even among people who don’t live in a smart house. The Mozilla WebAPIs will also allow for dashboards on these televisions to be built using HTML5 rather than embedded programs. That means that the user interfaces for these TVs will be able to be adjusted depending on what the user would like to have displayed.

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