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January 27, 2014

Israel's yes Preps Multiscreen, Personalized Satellite Offering

By Tara Seals, TMCnet Contributor

Israeli-based satellite provider yes is rolling out the first multiscreen TV offering in Israel, delivering personalized video streams to TVs, PCs, tablets and smartphones. The aptly named yes Go TV Everywhere service is banking on an additional differentiator as well: the ability to recommend content to viewers based on their personal tastes and viewing habits.

yes Go will deliver more than 50 live TV channels and thousands of hours of VOD content to subscribers inside and outside of the home, on any device. And, it includes real-time recommendations and updates of popular and interesting content being aired live, both from the electronic program guide (EPG) and from video on demand (VOD).

During the launch period, the yes Go service will be provided free to all customers of yes VOD, and at 19.90 NIS per month for customers without VOD.

yes is using the Viaccess-Orca COMPASS content discovery platform to support the content recommendation functionality. "After successfully powering recommendations for our 'My TV' service in March 2013, Viaccess-Orca continues to be a trusted content discovery and recommendation partner," said Dovev Goldstein, head of the business development and products department at yes. "By enabling us to learn and understand viewer tastes and demands for content, and recommend personalized content that keeps subscribers loyal to our service, Viaccess-Orca's COMPASS will increase subscriber satisfaction and revenue streams. COMPASS simplifies content consumption for our subscribers, making it a much more rewarding experience."

Several COMPASS recommendation engines have been implemented in yes Go, including an advanced semantic engine, a collaborative filtering engine (e.g., people who watched this, also watched that), an operator promotions engine, and a “most popular” engine. The engines are embedded throughout the UI, enabling yes to understand subscriber preferences better.

With COMPASS, yes can manage yes Go subscriber profiles as well as live and on-demand promotions. Reports and analytics are designed for ongoing status monitoring and business optimization, and, leveraging a user's personal profile, yes can deliver better targeted recommendations for content and thus more effective promotions and advertisements, it said.

"yes is the most innovative TV provider in Israel,” said Haggai Barel, deputy CEO at Viaccess-Orca. “We are privileged yes chose Viaccess-Orca as the driving force behind content discovery and recommendations for its new multiscreen service, and we're proud to announce that COMPASS will now power more than six million video subscribers around the world.”

He added, "COMPASS brings yes Go subscribers closer to the content they really want, allowing yes to differentiate itself in the market, offer subscribers a next-generation user experience, and take advantage of new and increased revenue streams."  

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