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February 11, 2014

ConnecTV Crosses Five Million Views Milestone

By Anuradha Shukla, TMCnet Contributor

The popular social video network for TV, ConnecTV has successfully crossed five million views milestone since this year began.

ConnecTV generated these views across subscribers’ created six-second clips and notes that about half of these clips are shared with friends on Twitter (News - Alert), Facebook and email.

In addition to reaching this milestone, ConnecTV has launched new social features for its free iPhone (News - Alert) app that includes 3rd party integration, activity feeds, and TV Trends.

The traditional way of creating and sharing clips is time consuming and often viewers have to spend their precious time on rewinding their DVR or figuring out how best to use their smartphone camera to record something interesting.

Thanks to ConnecTV, customers no longer have to spend time in this manner anymore as the process has been simplified for them. It has now become very easy to capture your favorite TV show.

This is how you do it: Press a red clip button, slide to the spot you want to and then simply write an on-screen comment you want to share with friends.

To make things more interesting, users can like and comment on any of their favorite comment and proceed to share it people they want to.

Partners can also embed these six second clips into their sites, blogs and apps.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video clip on ConnecTV is worth far more than 140 characters," said Ian Aaron, co-founder and CEO of ConnecTV. "The positive response from a broad base of users has been amazing. Everybody loves watching and making clips—and discovering great new shows from other TV fans."

ConnecTV was in news last year for partnering with consumer technology and media industries market research and consulting firm SmithGeiger.

Both companies have joined their hands to provide reports to media companies, television networks, advertisers and their agencies.

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