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Cable Technology Feature Article

March 04, 2014

RCN TiVo Adds More Flavor to Television with Interactive Apps

By Mini Swamy, TMCnet Contributor

What would happen if you had to update your Facebook account only to find your mobile device missing? Normally, you’d sweat and rave and rant, but RCN (News - Alert) TiVo customers won’t turn a hair. That’s because RCN, after launching the Opera TV store on TiVo in August 2013, has decided that it’s time to give its customers another treat- - unlimited access to popular interactive TV apps on their existing televisions.

“This new TiVo (News - Alert) feature adds innovation, depth and more great services to our RCN offering and is another way RCN is improving our customers’ experience and delivering the most value and best choices,” said Chris Fenger, chief operating officer at RCN.

The addition of RCN’s Opera TV Store on TiVo will allows customers to view the content that they want, when they want on any TV screen in their homes. Opera's application platform will work on all of RCN's TiVo set-top-boxes.

Opera TV store delivers a wide range of HTML5-based apps and over-the-top (OTT) content to various devices. Its application platform is robust enough to expand its entertainment apps to RCN customers. These Web apps are specifically designed for widescreen TVs and are optimized for television screens.

“The launch of Opera TV Store provides our customers with a truly game-changing experience on their television. RCN is committed to bringing the best interactive entertainment to our customers,” noted Fenger.

That means RCN TiVo customers can lounge back on the couch and access these new interactive apps by just pushing the “TiVo” button on their RCN remote controls. They can connect to social media sites such as Opera for Twitter (News - Alert) and more. What’s still better is that they can sync their existing social network account information with their televisions and interact from them just as they would do from their personal devices. It can’t get better than that.

RCN TiVo customers can even play games by selecting the “Apps & Games” on the “Opera TV Store” option from the TiVo Central menu, check out whether it’s going to rain or snow, and also list their favorite apps and access them from any TV in the house. That’s living life in style.

The TV space is evolving, for ‘staying ahead’ is the name of the game that’s being played by cable operators. What will RCN think of next to ensure that?

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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