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March 05, 2014

Chirpify's #Actiontags for TV Lets Viewers Directly Respond to Ads

By Kasey Schefflin-Emrich, TMCnet Contributing Writer

Television is no longer a passive medium and that is now even more so with Chirpify's newly launched #Actiontags for TV.

Chirpify is a Portland-based startup that activates hashtags to connect consumers with their favorite brands wherever they encounter a brand's message whether it be in print, online, in-venue and now on television.

#Actiontags for TV enables consumers to instantly buy products or directly respond to campaigns by simply posting a message on Twitter (News - Alert), Facebook or Instragram using the activated hashtags they see displayed on television.

So let's say for example a new car company runs an ad on TV, which features the hashtag #testdrive. That means people who tweet or post #testdrive can be immediately be contacted to schedule a test drive time for the car.

This hashtag platform for television will certainly change the way we experience television and offer boundless opportunities for retail and consumer brands.

"We've added a 'yes' button to traditional media," Chris Teso, CEO of Chirpify, said in a statement. "Never before has TV been activated as a two-way form of communication where consumers can respond immediately and get something in return, based on a hashtag they saw on TV. By using hashtags as the glue to connect traditional and social media, suddenly consumers can digitally raise their hand and start a direct customer relationship with a brand they value."

From the time period of November 2013 to January 2014, Chirpify's #actiontags have been used to by more than 300,000 social consumers to purchase and sample products, enter promotions and access premium content from stores such as AT&T (News - Alert), TaylorMade, adidas and Forever 21.

During those 90 days, #actiontags has drove 50 million earned media impressions and reached more than 25 million social accounts with one Chirpify campaign helping a brand obtain 20,000 more followers on Twitter in under one week. The conversion rate from a consumer using the #actiontag to actually completing the process intended by the hashtag has also proven to be successful with 65 percent of those consumers going on to either buy a product or partaking in an action such as promotion.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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