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Cable Technology Feature Article

March 17, 2014

TeleSphere Software Promotes New Special Circuit Management Platform

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC

TeleSphere Software is at COMPTEL (News - Alert) PLUS this week promoting its recently introduced Advantage Circuit Management solution. The special circuit management platform, which is available by license or via the software-as-a-service model, is an operational support system platform that outfits service providers with a better way to manage the issuance and receipt of access service requests, explains Todd Twete, TeleSphere Software’s national sales director.

Making service providers more efficient and, therefore more profitable, is the goal of this new product, Twete says. With this solution, when a service provider receives a special circuit request, it can get to revenue faster, he adds.

TeleSphere Software came out with this solution as a direct response to its customers’ requests for this kind of thing, says Twete, noting that it makes sense in light of the decline in access lines and increased demand for special circuits. Today there aren’t good processes for receipt and issuance of ASRs, Twete says, so many local exchange carriers use spreadsheets or homegrown applications to do the job. But those methods typically don’t work well as service providers scale, he adds.

Advantage Circuit Management, which was unveiled and became available in February, offers service providers the ability to track circuit and plant inventory, and presents costing information, such as how much the service provider is paying for a special circuit, which customer is using it, and details about that customer’s SLAs on the circuit.

The level of integration required to implement this solution varies depending upon the service provider’s existing systems. If the service provider already has an inventory database in place, integration tends to be simpler process. Twete notes that TeleSphere Software can provide an on-site audit if the customer so desires, and he adds that the company will be expanding its efforts on professional services front in the next year and a half. Integrating the Advantage Circuit Management platform with customers’ accounting, network management, and outside plant management platform are among the kinds of services TeleSphere Software aims to deliver.

Privately-owned TeleSphere Software caters to cablecos, tandem providers, and tier 2/3 ILECs and CLECs. It’s best known for its CABS, mediation, and wholesale billing solutions. Traditionally TeleSphere Software has brought its solutions to market solely via direct sales, but the company is beginning to formulate a strategy to add indirect sales into the mix.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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