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Cable Technology Feature Article

March 18, 2014

TV App Agency's Future Apps Integrating Analytics Services from Nice People at Work

By David Gutbezahl, TMCnet Contributing Writer

The gap between television and computers has been closing with the popularization of smart TVs. These devices are TVs and top boxes with the ability to connect to the internet and integrate Web 2.0 features. Like smartphones and tablets, or the new Windows 8, smart TVs feature the ability to use apps. Many of these apps allow different types of streaming services, perfect for use on a TV.

Working on developing high quality apps, TV App Agency has been a leading developer of apps for Smart TVs since the company got its start in 2011. An international company, TV App Agency has been involved in the making of apps for the Food Network and Universal Films’ UK’s VOD apps, a radio service for European radio station Energy, and a multi-channel app for Spain’s RTVE.

With the rise in popularity for smart TVs, companies like TV App Agency has found itself working within a highly competitive field. Smart TV owners expect high quality service that will stream their videos quickly without any difficulties. Also, with Video On Demand (VOD) services, it is easy for apps to become “lost” in the shuffle of so many other services. If a company wants to succeed, it is essential that they make their products stand out in comparison to other services.

TV App Agency is aware of this, and believe they have found the solution to providing outstanding services to their customers through partnering with Nice People At Work. Nice People At Work is a software analytics company that provides up to date information regarding user details and video performance. TV App Agency intends to incorporate Nice People At Work’s services into their application development platforms.

This partnership will lead to two advantages for TV App Agency and their customers. With Nice People at Work’s services incorporated into TV App Agency’s apps, customers will be able to find out how a service is running, and see what may be causing performance issues. This may not be much of a boon to customers. Unless this service is delivered in an easily understood manner, alongside information on how to fix issues, the likelihood of the average consumer using the analytics software at all is very small. However, if Nice People at Work’s service delivers up to date feedback on issues that customers are facing directly to TV App Agency, this could help the company deliver better quality services in the future.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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