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Cable Technology Feature Article

March 31, 2014

Nielsen and Integral Ad Science to Take Partnership International

By Jonathan Keane, Contributing Writer

Media and ratings insight provider Nielsen and Integral Ad Science have announced their intention to broaden their partnership into international markets.

In 2012 the two companies partnered up to measure and analyze online advertising in the US within Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings, looking at who sees what and where. Now they are taking the venture international, measuring online ads in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and the UK.

Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings are accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC), though MRC accreditation only applies to the North American markets. The integration of Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings and Integral’s “viewability solution” is currently under MRC review.

Nielsen and Integral Ad Science deliver high-quality multi-screen metrics that “enable fair play in advertising,” according to Nielsen EVP and Global Product Leader, Megan Clarken. “When combined, these two solutions represent the only offering in the marketplace to be MRC accredited in the US for both demo-based audience measurement and viewability — a great testament to the value delivered to our clients,” she said.

Integral Ad Science, formerly known as AdSafe when the initial deal was struck in 2012, raised $30 million in January to fund its international expansion and has opened new offices in Germany.

“These two solutions together are a great match for helping buyers and sellers optimize for quality and determine the true ROI-impact of their advertising campaigns across channels,” added Scott Knoll, CEO and president of Integral Ad Science.

“They can show that an ad was viewable and who viewed it – an essential component in understanding ad effectiveness. We are thrilled be working with Nielsen to bring this same level of measurement and transparency to clients in new markets around the globe.”

Originally Nielsen Campaign Ratings only provided insights into television viewership but in 2011 became the first solution for online insights and measuring online advertising campaigns that was accredited by the MRC. Meanwhile Integral Ad Science is an advertising technology company tasked at measuring the market landscape to ensure fair and safe media environments.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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