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Cable Technology Feature Article

April 03, 2014

Southwire Rolls out SIMpull Cable-in-Conduit Solution for the Energy Industry

By Jyothi Shanbhag, TMCnet Contributor

Southwire Company, a North America-based manufacturer of wire and cable used in the distribution and transmission of electricity, recently rolled out SIMpull Cable-in-Conduit, belonging to the company’s SIMpull solutions product suite.

The new SIMpull Cable-In-Conduit is specifically built for the energy industry and offers one-step installation to help increase job safety, productivity and profitability all while providing greater resistance to damage during shipment and operation.

In addition, the SIMpull Cable-in-Conduit brings down the equipment costs and also lessens the amount of time workers spend on installing the product.

The offering, which is currently available in aluminum and copper conductors and low voltage thru medium voltage constructions, also comes in a variety of conduit sizes.

This new solution is available in hundreds of configurations and can be customized with a variety of materials, thicknesses, colors and diameters. Along with the largest cable-in-conduit capacity in the industry, Southwire promises to offer no minimum reel order, fast delivery, hassle-free reel recovery, a one-year warranty and an entire line of cable-in-conduit accessory products.

“Southwire SIMpull Solutions products are specifically designed to increase jobsite productivity, safety and profitability. SIMpull Cable-in-Conduit meets several important needs for our energy industry customers," said Michael Tribble, North American Sales Vice President Cable-in-Conduit. "SIMpull Cable-in-Conduit can be custom ordered so that nearly any cable we manufacture can be delivered already inside the conduit. This step reduces the chances of the cable being damaged during transportation or installation, while eliminating exposure to harsh environmental conditions."

Southwire manufactures both the cable and conduit for trusted and tested quality that can be customized to fulfill user’s specific needs. The company and its subsidiaries also produce building wire and cable such as ROMEX Brand NMB cable, metal-clad (MC) cable, cord products (including Tappan sound, security, and communication cables through Tappan Wire & Cable, LLC), utility cable products, industrial power cable, OEM wire products, SCR copper and aluminum rod, and continuous casting technology.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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