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April 16, 2014

El Garage TV Intros Automotive Channels Using Octoshape Powered Cloud-Based Video Streaming Solution

By Jyothi Shanbhag, TMCnet Contributor

El Garage TV, an Argentine-based content provider, has recently adapted Grupo DATCO’s cloud-based video streaming solution, “Sersat Alive,” powered by Octoshape. The company has selected this robust solution for the direct and on-demand delivery of its content to broadband multiscreen devices worldwide.

El Garage TV’s fan base has grown tremendously and is demanding access to content across a variety of connected devices. To cater to the customers need and deliver the highest quality video solution, El Garage TV has now partnered with Grupo DATCO.

El Garage TV HD service will utilize Octoshape’s patented stream acceleration and multicast technologies, Infinite (News - Alert) HD-M, via Grupo DATCO’S Sersat Alive service. Also, the new agreement between the companies will allow El Garage TV to multiply the number of OTT broadband channels and its 24/7 available line up of content to its fans in Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

“Based on trends and consumption habits, we decided to transmit our live programs over the Internet,” said Elhaiek Ignacio, Executive Producer of El Garage TV. “We wanted to provide our audience with the experience of watching El Garage TV with their choice of device, rather than traditional television. With  multiscreen delivery to broadband connected devices, Sersat Alive has enabled us to project our content to a global audience.”

Octoshape’s unique suite of multicast-enabled broadband video acceleration technologies has the capacity to offer multiple, high-quality and scalable viewing options to loyal fans everywhere.

Horacio Martinez, CEO of Grupo DATCO. “In today’s world, statistics associated with the increase in number of viewers, type of connected device, content viewed and the amount of time viewing specific content are helping advertisers fine-tune their focus.”

According to Martinez, Sersat Alive and Octoshape provide the required insight to advertisers, while increasing viewer engagement through a TV-like experience over broadband. The result is increased revenue for El Garage TV.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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