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Cable Technology Feature Article

April 29, 2014

IneoQuest Technologies Releases New Video Analytics Platform

By Nathesh, TMCnet Contributor

IneoQuest (News - Alert) Technologies’ newly released video analytics platform that is also coupled with audience measurement functionality can help providers seamlessly monetize their high value content and advertising much more efficiently.

The new audience measurement platform is designed to deliver unparalleled real-time intelligence for adaptive streaming content using providers which can generate higher revenue streams. Service providers can utilize this to analyze and read into the effects that quality performance has over customer behavior and from the derived insights realize a better way to monetize multiscreen video services.

“We believe this is a game-changer in the industry, and has the potential to take a vast amount of guess work out of understanding viewing habits and advertising consumption as multiscreen services continue to rapidly evolve,” said Joel Daly, senior director of product line management at IneoQuest. “The fact that we can overlay behavioral analytics with our world-class service assurance information adds an unprecedented dimension to video analytics today, providing a completely new framework for monetization and proactive churn management.”

By understanding the means in which performance affects customer behavior, providers can also prioritize their investment in various regions and demographics to expand and improve services. These improvements that providers wish to make can be tracked down to the actual user session and they can also organize the troubleshooting of the most pressing network problems by understanding the impact on the entire subscriber base.

IneoQuest explained that collecting analytics from the end point devices can tell that a video service is bad but not necessarily the reasons that caused the service to be bad. Its newly enhanced analytics platform ensures that users, along with the usual insights, also receive a different network perspective about everything else that is impacting video services. For the first time ever, operators will have a true end-to-end view of the video delivery infrastructure and viewing behaviors. 

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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