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May 12, 2014

ViXS XCode 6400 to Power NTT Plala' New Hikari-TV VOD Service

By Nathesh, TMCnet Contributor

ViXS Systems, a provider of media processing solutions, says its XCode 6400 System-on-Chip (SoC) will power the ultra-HD 4K set-top boxes deployed for NTT (News - Alert) Plala’s new Hikari-TV VOD service.

NTT Plala, a Japanese IPTV service provider, recently launched the Hikari-TV VOD service trail throughout Japan in order to ensure customers are able to receive native UltraHD 4K content and also to drive the mass market adoption of this new display resolution – a move that would require the latest in broadcast infrastructure and residential delivery equipment.

Sumitomo Electric (News - Alert) Networks, which provided 4Kp60 IP STBs for NTT Plala’s VOD service, firmly believes that 4Kp60 content will be quickly adopted by Tier-1 carriers in the world and companies like NTT Plala and ViXS can make it possible.

Katsumi Nagata, board director and executive director of technology and engineering division at NTT Plala, stated, “NTT Plala is enabling the transition to UltraHD 4K services in the Japanese content market, and we needed innovative and reliable partners such as ViXS and Sumitomo Electric Networks to help us achieve our ambitious goals. We are excited to provide the launch of this new UltraHD 4K VOD service in trials, showing the public the amazing video quality they can expect from NTT Plala’s Hikari-TV.”

The XCode 6400 series is the world’s first SoC with native support for 10–bit high efficiency video coding (HEVC) and UltraHD 4K format. The SoC integrates all major hardware crypto engines for support of major DRMs and CAs and supports the latest advanced security requirements for operator-based networks. It is built with advanced video post processing engines that ensure pristine video enhancements and its highly efficient core design enables low power consumption designs.

ViXS added that its XCode 6400 device family is in commercial production now with immediate availability.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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