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Cable Technology Feature Article

June 09, 2014

Millicom Extends Digital to More Consumers in Latin America

By Mini Swamy, TMCnet Contributor

Before Millicom (News - Alert) launched Tigo Star in Paraguay in 2014 to support growth in cable TV and entertainment, it was a trusted name that was primarily associated with the mobile phone. Since that launch however, Tigo has made greater inroads into Latin America when the media company launched satellite pay-TV in four more countries. The latest to benefit were Costa Rica and the Honduras.

As a result of Millicom’s recent venture, consumers in those regions can now choose from more than 70 channels that provide a variety of entertainment. Four of these channels are reportedly in high definition (HD).

“I am delighted that the majority of our operations in Latin America are now able to offer customers a full and competitive range of diversified digital services including mobile, broadband, cable and now satellite pay-TV,” noted Hans-Holger Albrecht, president and CEO at Millicom.

Millicom has selected Eutelsat (News - Alert) to support the entry of its satellite Pay-TV services in the Latin American market. This platform operates under the Tigo Star brand and complements the company’s cable and mobile services that have been recently launched in Bolivia and El Salvador.

After Millicom introduced a 24-hour channel that was entirely devoted to sports, an effort was made to offer a broader range of services; Tigo Star was born to delight consumers with popular TV shows, films and events.

Tigo has been wooing consumers not only with great content but also with high quality picture TV, fast Internet, cable services and stunning HD. It is well positioned to offer bundled services to consumers.

The international telecom communications and media company, dedicated to emerging markets in Latin America and Africa, is thus well placed to offer a complete digital lifestyle that includes compelling entertainment and broadband services.

“Millicom continues to transform into a complete digital lifestyle provider with satellite being able to reach all parts of the countries where we offer this service,” observed Albrecht.

As Millicom continues to extend its satellite-pay TV services across countries in Latin America, consumers will get to see a new side to entertainment.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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