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Cable Technology Feature Article

July 17, 2014

Hands Off Consoles - Experience Interactive Entertainment on VIZIO Smart TVs

By Mini Swamy, TMCnet Contributor

Smart TVs and gaming developers are fueling disruptive innovation across many areas of consumer technology. It comes as no surprise then that TransGaming, the smart TV gaming pioneer, has launched its GameTree TV cloud gaming service on VIZIO smart TVs.

GameTree TV is reported to be the first games-focused platform built specifically for the quickly growing Smart TV market. The 2014 M-Series and E-Series Vizio televisions offer Internet Apps Plus, through which the gaming app can be accessed. Users can now play games on their television screen without needing a game console or a connected mobile device, and can also access on-demand games.

By making GameTree TV gaming service available through VIZIO Internet Apps Plus, the latest generation smart TV platform from America's #1 Smart TV company, consumers will have access to the hottest movies, music and games by  browsing through their favorite collection of apps.

"Through our intuitive and responsive VIZIO Internet Apps Plus platform, consumers are able to easily search, discover and consume various forms of entertainment," said Lily Knowles, VP of product marketing at VIZIO.

TransGaming has already gained a foothold for delivering high quality games to the TV, and has reached millions of consumers. With the recent launch of its GameTree TV cloud gaming service on VIZIO smart TVs, millions more will be further entertained.

"GameTree TV continues to grow exponentially, throughout North America and the world. Adding VIZIO, America's #1 smart TV company1, raises the bar even higher for GameTree TV's dominance," said Vikas Gupta, CEO and president of TransGaming.

The gaming app delivers value to both service providers and customers. Service providers now have an interactive entertainment solution that helps retain subscribers and grow, while consumers have access to an engaging interactive entertainment.

Television is changing and so is the home entertainment space.  Smart TVs are making their entry into  living rooms, and TransGaming, which believes implicitly in the transformative power of games and other forms of interactive entertainment, is paving the way for a new world of gaming opportunity.

Edited by Adam Brandt

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