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July 25, 2014

Move Over Rover: TV Becomes the Top Household Companion

By Tara Seals, TMCnet Contributor

The “man’s best friend” status has traditionally been claimed by our canine companions, but something entirely more technological (and less in need of maintenance) is apparently questing after the role: in a new national consumer study, many Americans said they see their TV sets less as entertainment devices and more as companions, with 60 percent of U.S. consumers leaving the TV on whether they're actively watching or not.

"Today's televisions offer so many viewing innovations that it's no surprise to us that more consumers can't live without them," said David VanderWaal, head of marketing for LG Electronics (News - Alert) USA, which commissioned the study. "Viewing habits have evolved significantly with the help of features like LG Smart TV that make enjoying all the entertainment you want simpler than ever. Today's consumers count on their TVs to be integral parts of their daily lives, and we're pleased that LG TVs play that role."

The survey found that Americans are continuing to redefine their relationship with television, to the point of incorporating it into the most personal of life’s moments. In fact, more than a fifth (22 percent) admitted to watching or listening to the TV while they are intimate with their partners.

Also, more than one-third of Americans (38 percent) turn their televisions on as soon as they wake up, while nearly two-thirds (61 percent) fall asleep with the TV on.

Perhaps less surprisingly, nearly half (45 percent) of all Americans switch their televisions on within 15 minutes of arriving home.

For some (35 percent), their relationship with their TV is so strong they'd rather watch the same show at the same time as a family members or roommates, but in a separate room. And, the majority of people (55 percent) talk to the TV during programs and sporting events.

A quarter of respondents (26 percent) leave their TVs on for their pets when they step out.

There’s also a multitasking aspect to our relationship with TV, in what LG dubbed the “household soundtrack.”  Many respondents said that they love TV for background noise and leave it on while doing chores (73 percent), cooking (72 percent) and even while working (58 percent). And even with the ability to pause live TV, 37 percent of people admit to leaving the door open while in the bathroom so they can keep watching.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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