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Cable Technology Feature Article

July 25, 2014

'Brand Effect Study' Reveals Impacts of TV Advertising

By Oliver VanDervoort, Contributing Writer

Viggle, a company that focuses on entertainment marketing and rewards, has released a report that it is calling the Brand Effect Study. This report has, according to the company, illustrated that exposure to advertisements that are shown on television as well as the Viggle app resulted in higher brand recall. The report also indicates that an ad buy that took place in May, would lead to brand, message, likeability and purchase intent increases as long as a TV advertising buy was also being extended to Viggle’s platform.

“This study demonstrates that when a brand establishes a second screen media presence via the Viggle platform in conjunction with its TV spend, it drives higher awareness, stronger message recall and greater purchase intent among its key consumers,” said Kevin Arrix, chief revenue officer of Viggle. “Furthermore, while we address this as 'second screen', it's worth noting that mobile device usage, while the television is on, is de facto in today's household. In order to ensure getting the in-home consumer's attention, brands have to distribute their messaging on both the TV and the mobile device."

Nielsen helped the study by surveying three distinct groups of Viggle members that were already defined as “TV Only Exposed,” “Viggle Only Exposed,” and “TV and Viggle Exposed.” The findings showed that 40 percent of TV and Viggle users were able to recall the brand and message of the ad. That was a 15 percent jump from those viewers who were TV Only.

The report also brought back results that show that among those who recalled the advertisement, 87 percent of TV and Viggle users were able to recall the correct band. While TV Only users were still high (79 percent) those who were also using Viggle clearly had a better recall. This is big news for a company that is trying to make a stand in the market. 

Edited by Alisen Downey

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