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September 25, 2014

Popcornflix Steps up Streaming in Asian Markets

By Steve Anderson, Contributing TMCnet Writer

For most people, the first things that come to mind for streaming video are Netflix and Hulu, with many also considering Amazon or the various website equivalents. But there are many, many other options out there when it comes to streaming video. One such option is Popcornflix, a site that offers television show episodes and complete movies; a site that will soon be putting up its offerings in seven different markets in Asia.

More specifically, Popcornflix will be bringing its brand of big- and small-screen entertainment options to both the main website and to the Popcornflix app on iOS and Android (News - Alert) in several places, including Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, and South Korea. As an extra bonus for users in Singapore and Hong Kong—but not, apparently, South Korea, which is odd—users can even bring the Popcornflix app to Samsung (News - Alert)'s line of connected televisions.

Popcornflix users are in for an impressive amount of material on hand, all supported by advertising. There are ads before the video plays, ads scattered throughout the video, and a banner ad for that little extra constant advertising support. Popcornflix is actually part of Screen Media Ventures, which in turn gives same access to quite a bit of content. Those thinking that this might be some kind of low-rent public domain operation will likely be quite surprised to see an array of titles on hand, all arranged by genre.  Looking for titles from National Geographic? Plenty of those on hand. Like a drama that's not quite so serious? An array of “dramedy” titles are on hand. Miss your daily installment of “Cheaters” since G4 went toes up? 43 episodes can be had on Popcornflix. Plus, with Halloween coming up, a variety of scary movies ranging from “Creature Features” to “Sexy Horror” are on hand here as well representing just over 200 titles total.

Popcornflix executive vice president David Fannon offered up some comment around the new move, saying “We’ve added a dozen new international markets to our distribution this year, making us one of the most widely available free movie services in the world. The fact that we own our own content gives us the flexibility to capitalize on new market opportunities like no other streaming provider in the industry. We’ve seen tremendous reception in Singapore and Hong Kong, so we’re very excited to add these new markets in the region and provide the best movies and TV shows to more viewers on any device for free.”

It's hard to pass up the opportunity to enjoy free movies, especially some of the more difficult to find titles like older titles from the 1980s and the like. With video stores around the country hard-hit by the growth of streaming media, finding some of these titles can be difficult if not outright impossible, particularly without services like Popcornflix. Between the various streaming options out there, it's more possible than ever to find that particular show or movie desired, and without leaving the house, a development some have craved for decades.

Chances are this will be well-received in the Asian markets, and likely in any other market that it arrives in. Streaming choices are desired throughout most of the world, and bringing video into the home is a service not likely to go out of style.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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