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October 31, 2014

X2O Releases Latest Version of Platform

By Christopher Mohr, TMCnet Contributing Writer

X2O recently announced that it had released the latest version of its media platform. With this update, it will be possible to create TV-quality graphics, integrate with social media, tie in to other platforms and connect to real-time data sources.

Montreal-based X2O Media Inc. has an extensive background in developing graphics for broadcast television. In 2006, the company was spun off from VertigoXMedia, which produced graphics for Monday Night Football, the Super Bowl, the World Series and national elections in the U.S.

Just about anyone can make a video and post it on YouTube, Facebook (News - Alert) or any number of sites. While that is one of the democratizing benefits of the Internet, it does not rise to the level of professionally produced content that many solutions call for.

X2O’s platform elevates what would normally be mundane business or institutional content to the level of a TV broadcast. As a result, company communications can have the look and feel of the evening news.

This content can be delivered to desktop monitors, TV screens or mobile device displays. X2O’s platform is based on HTML5, so there is no need to build separate binaries for each supported OS; it is platform-agnostic. It also integrates with third-party systems like digital signage and media players and other video systems like Polycom’s (News - Alert) RealPresenceMedia Manager.

One of X2O’s success stories came from a system developed for Air Canada. The airline found it had some challenges delivering consistent messages to passengers, informing flight crews of schedule changes and providing safety bulletins. A system developed using X2O called globeTV gave Air Canada the ability to easily produce content and get it out to passengers and flight crews, even while in flight.

Information is always going to be a good thing and certainly better than not having any information at all, but by itself it does not deliver as compelling a message. This is part of why so many major industry reports are accompanied by infographics; they make the message more powerful. In a similar manner, X2O’s new platform allows companies to send important content in an engaging format instead of a lecture class that everyone can’t wait to leave. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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