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Cable Technology Feature Article

August 05, 2009

Report: 250k New Broadband Connections Comcast in Q209

By Vivek Naik, TMCnet Contributor

Strategy Analytics announced Comcast Corporation  it has added 250,000 new broadband connections and this will bring its total high speed Internet customer base to the region of nearly 15.5 million all across the nation.
Research analysts at Strategy Analytics (News - Alert) claim that the second quarter is perennially the weakest of all quarters, especially for the broadband market segment, because a fair number of consumers have historically chosen to disconnect broadband connectivity for a couple of the summer months.
The research firm says that even though Comcast (News - Alert) is the largest Broadband Service Provider (BSP) in the US, even it experienced an unrestrained freefall during Q208 and more so during the summer months of that quarter, and saw broadband net additions plummet by 43 percent when compared to the previous quarter.
Given these two facts – Q2 is perennially the weakest quarter and Q208 saw a 43 percent dip quarter over quarter – and the current down economy, research analysts found it really significant that Comcast managed to get so many new consumers.
A recent related Strategy Analytics report indicated that the United States cable industry grew by 9 percent in 2008 when compared with the overall 2007 performance and although it experienced significant dips in the high value automotive advertising revenue (mainly caused by the demand for automobiles and related products absolutely drying up), the subscriber base, however, continued to grow and expand while demanding broadband and other IP related services.
Earlier reports indicated that consumer’s trends were majorly shifting towards flat rates for both limited and unlimited broadband usage, there is an explosion of broadband and broadband related technologies and products all over the planet, and that Wireless Broadband (Wi-B) usage increased by 84 percent in 2008, compared to 2007.
“Our consumer research shows a very high ‘keep rate’ for broadband,” said Ben Piper, Analyst and Director of the Multiplay Market Dynamics Service at Strategy Analytics. “Ninety-six percent of Americans would hold on to their broadband service, even if economic circumstances forced them to cut back household budgets.”
Strategy Analytics’ officials claim that if Comcast maintains this figure of enrolling 250,000 new customers every quarter, then it is well on its way to getting more than 16 million broadband subscribers by the end of 2009. Readers may recall a June 2009 article, which stated that Comcast’s overall customer base, according to its official ‘Overview’ page, had 24.1 million cable customers, 15.3 million high-speed Internet customers and 6.8 million Comcast Digital Voice customers.
Comcast is also a member of Connected Nation’s National Advisory Council (CN NAC) that evangelizes the adoption of all forms of broadband and related technologies throughout the United States of America. CN NAC’s primary goal is to bring the all citizens – poor and rich, connected and unconnected, over served and under-served, rural and urban, old and young – on the same platform and closer to each other.

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Vivek Naik is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Vivek's articles, please visit his columnist page.

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