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March 19, 2014

Smart TVs to Be Bundled with Iveda's Zee Cameras

By David Gutbezahl, TMCnet Contributing Writer

Smart TVs are the new thing in the world of television. These new TVs give users the ability to connect their TV or set top boxes directly to the Internet, opening up a new world of possibilities for users. Smart TVs give users the ability to use apps, such as video streaming services like Netflix, and allows them to surf the internet directly from their TV. The Smart TV is growing in popularity, and quickly becoming a mainstream option for TV viewers.

As they are still quite new, but gaining in popularity, the world of Smart TVs is an innovative one. Software developers are constantly working on developing new applications, while manufacturers are working on producing the best quality, and perhaps more importantly, most marketable Smart TVs.

One company, as of yet, unnamed, may have hit the nail in coming up with a new idea for making their Smart TVs a popular product. A provider of cloud video services, Iveda, has announced that they will be partnering with this company in order to have their cloud based camera, the Zee, bundled with the Smart TVs.

Iveda’s Zee cameras are cloud based, and use a simple plug and play set up. While users will be able to use the Zee camera however they wish, consumers and businesses will both find the Zee to be valuable for setting the camera up in different places to create a perfect security camera system. The Zee cameras will use Iveda’s own cloud based platform, Sentir cloud video hosting platform, and will be accessible on Smart TVs through an app with very little set up. The footage taken by the cameras will be uploaded on the cloud easily, making sure that everything is secure and accessible for later use. Sentir will require a monthly payment.

The Smart TV manufacturer has already purchased hundreds of Zee cameras in preparation for bundling the camera with the new product. The Smart TV and camera package will be sold through various channels.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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