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Why Cloud May Be Your Best Option for Quality Management and Improved Customer Experience
12/5/2014 1:17:34 PM
Providing an exceptional customer experience requires exceptional contact center agents. While routing applications address getting an interaction to the right agent resource, quality management helps contact center management train and prepare its staff to optimally process those interactions. The cloud is increasingly being seen as a viable alternative for both types of applications.

Download this white paper to discover how the emergence of cloud-based workforce optimization solutions are helping companies save money and gain access to sophisticated quality management capabilities that enable contact centers to deliver on their customer experience visions.

Expand Your Horizons with M2M
11/18/2014 11:04:20 AM
As M2M technology permeates the industrial landscape, the utilities and energy sector are primed for adoption. In collecting customer behavioral data, M2M technology allows for more efficient energy use, happy customers and a more robust bottom line. See how Vodafone is helping drive the M2M revolution, download the white paper to learn more.

Machine-to-Machine Communications Service Provider Benchmarking 2014
11/18/2014 11:01:58 AM
The research is in, and according to Machina Research Vodafone holds onto the No.1 spot in terms of global M2m capabilities. The scoring metric was based on the six ‘P’s: Pedigree, Platforms, Place, Partnership, Process and People—Read the white paper to get the full analysis and report.

Understanding the Impact of the Connected Revolution
11/18/2014 10:59:21 AM
M2M is transforming the way business is done, and the future is lining up to be those that take advantage of M2M technology, connectivity and data analytics and those that do not. The choice is yours, read the full report to find out how your business can join the revolution.

Improve the Product Lifecycle
11/18/2014 10:56:43 AM
Manufacturers of all kinds face the stresses of demand, energy and labor and material costs. The magic of M2M allows a business to transform operations, and when implemented will save on cost and inefficiencies while increasing revenue and production. Vodafone is helping usher in a new wave of manufacturing, read more to find out how.

Disaster Recovery Best Practices
11/11/2014 11:45:54 AM
This Disaster Recovery Best Practice brief will describe how to leverage Unitrends offerings to ensure data protection and best practices for disaster recovery scenarios. After reading this brief, you will understand how to protect businesses' most critical data where backups alone simply will not meet the recovery need.

Backing Up With Doctor Who: 12 Reasons For 12 Doctors
11/11/2014 11:44:42 AM
Doctor Who — television's great traveler through space and time — might be the ultimate backup specialist. Not only does he go on adventures with his companions in the TARDIS, he can recover from just about any disaster simply by regenerating himself. While each incarnation of the Doctor is slightly—or vastly—different from the last, each brings something new to the table. That’s what has made the series so great for the last half century.

5 Ways Disaster Recovery Is Like Jack Bauer
11/11/2014 11:41:56 AM
If you don’t swoon at the words "disaster recovery," we don’t blame you. After all, the term sounds kind of pragmatic. No-nonsense. Mandatory. We get it, but things may just change when you start thinking of disaster recovery in terms of Jack Bauer from 24.

Winter Is Coming: Are You Prepared For Disaster Recovery?
11/11/2014 11:40:14 AM
In the words of epic book and TV series Game of Thrones, "Winter is coming," and there’s never been a better time to be on your guard. After all, we live in a world of vicious attacks, scary data breaches, unpredictable weather, and other factors that can threaten the very existence of both your applications and your precious data.

The Adoption Curve: Top-10 Characteristics of Pervasive Adoption of Audio / Video Conferencing & Collaboration
10/14/2014 10:27:49 AM
Audio Conferencing, Video Conferencing, and Collaboration are three real-time communication technologies that have the power to transform a business and deliver enhanced outcomes – IF the business truly adopts the new capabilities they provide.

Audio Conferencing, the eldest of these technologies, brings people together in a personal way with voice. Video Conferencing is about delivering a richer communication experience by enabling participants to see each other and interact visually. Collaboration is about providing teams with a working environment that’s rich in supporting information – including documentation, spreadsheets, desktop applications, web-based resources, and sometimes integrated voice and video.

These are all powerful capabilities – but if adoption fails to take place, even the best audio / video conferencing and collaboration products will fail to deliver a return on investment.

This white paper examines ten characteristics held in common by companies where usage of these solutions has become pervasive, outlining the Adoption Curve that describes the most common path to success with new real-time communication technologies.

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